"Other people are not medicine." - It took me 9 years to figure that out  (via sunsetkawaii)
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literally something a serpent with tiny claws and/or legs would say

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Clue (1985) - Tim Curry as Wadsworth 

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aries: passionate, Real, and assertive queen who won’t take ur shit
taurus: mad chill queen who is probably joking on u right now bc they love you
gemini: fun and sociable queen who knows everything and parties a lot
cancer: sweet queen who reminds u of ur mom and cries during every movie
leo: The Queen who is generous, animated, and loves to be loved
virgo: angelic queen who is in charge and radiates idyllic vibes; beyonce
libra: not a queen but the goddess aphrodite; probably likes art and does perfect winged eyeliner 
scorpio: dark yet kind queen who’s always feelin some type of way; likes ghosts
sagittarius: philosophical and free-spirited queen; probably a fairy or something else that doesn’t like rules
capricorn: narcissistic Queen of Everything who werks hard and plays harder
aquarius: idealistic and unique queen who talks about world issues at parties
pisces: dreamy and ethereal queen who is probably sleeping rn as a means to rebel

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when ur friend starts liking something u rly like


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Title: I Wanna Get Better
Artist: Bleachers
Album: I Wanna Get Better
Plays: 52053


i wanna get better // bleachers

"i didn’t know i was lonely til i saw your face"

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